Apple Had a Major Privacy Update. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Protecting our privacy and personal information is becoming essential for security and safety in today’s increasingly digital world. This April, Apple broke from Big Tech’s overreaching data collection profit model by introducing its iOS update 14.5 for iPhones and iPads.

The new Apple feature is called App Tracking Transparency, or ATT. The feature requires all apps on your iPhone or iPad to have your explicit permission before it can track, share, or sell your information to data brokers. Finally, as consumers, we have transparency and a choice in allowing specific apps to use and share our data. Below are a few easy-to-follow steps to enable this feature on your devices:

  1. Download and install the new iOS 14.5 update to your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking and choose either no tracking by any apps, or “Allow Apps to Request to Track.”
  3. Tap the “Learn more …” link. Here, Apple spells out in plain English the new anti-tracking feature and the choices you have.
  4. If you choose the “Allow …” setting, a popup will appear on your screen for each app giving you two options: “Ask App Not to Track” and “Allow” tracking. You can select your preferred option app by app, company by company.

It’s wise to value privacy and treat your personal data as the digital assets they are. Apple’s privacy policy change and new tracking control feature is a groundbreaking step toward giving consumers the power to do just that.

Brad Deflin
CEO and Founder of Total Digital Security
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