Women are breaking glass ceilings; we are breaking the mold.

What We Know

According to the 2022 Capgemeni World Wealth Report, over the next two generations, women will inherit 70% of global wealth. By 2030, women are expected to manage two-thirds of household wealth.

What is Her Wealth® by Colony?

A conversation that places a spotlight on financial topics most relevant to women by providing accessible resources; driving progress toward a more inclusive financial industry and featuring The Colony Group professionals behind it all.
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Why Her Wealth® by Colony?

Women have specific considerations when it comes to life’s most transitional moments (maternity leave; childcare; eldercare; longer life expectancy) and the financial responsibilities that come with them. So when it comes to managing wealth, women think about it differently. Statistically, women investors are known to be: more risk-averse; take more time evaluating investments before moving forward; naturally hold portfolios with greater diversity; are less active and naturally patient in times of market volatility; approach investing with a long-term view; and place a great degree of importance on value, sustainable investing, and philanthropic giving. What does this all equate to? Women are effective investors who consistently generate strong returns.

With women governing their financial lives so distinctly, we at The Colony Group were inspired to create a financial platform for women investors; one that is approachable, engaging, and connects investors with The Colony Group professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise and empowering investors to be confident stewards of their wealth.

Her Wealth by Colony's Contributions

Her Wealth by Colony produces content that elevates women professionals and investors, revolutionizing their space in the evolving finance industry while simultaneously supporting The Colony Group’s initiatives like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and our Net Positive Pledge, portions of which focus on gender equity, financial literacy, hiring and retention, mentorship, and career development.

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