Business Transition Planning

Every business owner faces the challenge: take control of your business transition, or other forces will control the outcome.

The Colony Group can help guide the successful transition of a family or privately-held business to new owners and management, either from within the family or the outside, and develop a financial strategy to help transitioning business leaders step into their next adventure.

How will your family transition into new wealth?

Planning for the eventual transition of your business and for life after the business – your next chapter – is the culminating achievement of your career. We help prepare you to sell your business, years away or in the near future, and then help you build a meaningful and satisfying strategy for your family’s long-term wealth.


Helping families navigate the "human side" of transition.

Preparing to transition a family business is everyone’s business; participation and input from the entire family is essential. For many families, this is the most intimidating aspect of the entire process. Our team specializes in helping families navigate the “human side” of transition. We facilitate family meetings in which all members of the family have an opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas for the transition and a family vision for the future. When family members have opposing views, we help them identify mutual interests on which they can agree, and a common, united way forward.

Meet The Authors

Transitioning out of your business requires a plan for what you are transitioning into. Our authors of Your Next Adventure – Planning for Life After the Sale of Your Business share insights from their book.


Bringing your entire team together.

Whether the business transition involves transfer to a new generation of family members or sale to a third party, we access the full capabilities of our network of professional advisors to define and carry out the decisions necessary to balance both family and business transition goals. We can bring your entire team – family, colleagues, advisors, other professionals – together to work toward common goals.

Together, we outline the plot and draft the narrative for your family’s future.

Explore Sue’s Story.

Like many business owners, Sue wanted the expertise and guidance to successfully transition her life’s work—her business—and prepare herself and her family for a promising future. Read more.

Managing New Wealth

Live your dreams and thoughtfully consider your legacy.

Families of wealth, whether created or inherited, have ongoing responsibilities to steward the wealth for future generations. That wealth requires management of both numbers and people. We think of this as operating a financial company, and it creates new demands on you and your family. We work with you and your other advisors to help protect and grow your family’s new wealth now and for future generations, with the goal of allowing you the freedom to pursue your encore career, live your dreams and thoughtfully consider your legacy.

Planning For Life After The Sale Of Your Business

From pre-sale to post-sale, Marshall Rowe, Jim Fitts, and John Weeks will help you plan ahead, assemble the right professional advisors, and incorporate your values, legacy, and loved ones into every choice you make.

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