Colony + You: Distinctly Better Than Before

When it’s time to take the next step—whether you want more opportunities for growth, you’re planning to retire, or you want to spend more time doing what you love and less on managing your business—it’s time to consider The Colony Group.

We seek companies with great teams, great clients, great strength, and great cultures. Most importantly, we seek companies that share our core values. Our curiosity and commitment to learning and excellence enables us to collaborate in ways that lead us to new opportunities. More than anything, this is what makes each of us “better than before.”

Why Partner with Colony?

Built to Help You Grow

Dedicated management and experienced professionals means more opportunity

You, your advisors, and staff will be supported by our dedicated management team and deep bench of professionals, comprised of experienced team members in finance, compliance, investments, marketing, strategy, human resources, operations and technology. We offer more than just taking the burden of day-to-day business administration off of you. We provide a level of professional expertise that’s difficult for many firms to achieve. We come beside you and our new team members, so that we can maintain efficiency while growing together.

Years of Experience

Transition with confidence

Having completed many successful mergers and strategic hires over 10 years, we have an experienced process and team with a track record of success in engaging employees and transitioning clients. Our thoughtful transition plan allows us to integrate methodically, over time, while we engage both clients and new colleagues every step of the way.

Culture & Outcomes

Your story continues

Our story and culture are rich and powerful because they comprise many stories and cultures from our merger partners that now intersect harmoniously, treasured and preserved for posterity’s sake. Success for us means that when team members reflect on what joining Colony has meant to them, they can point to growth and learning opportunities that came their way and great meaning and joy in all of their days.

Excited? We are too. Our CEO, Michael Nathanson, invites you to further explore a prospective merger first by learning more about the support and network you’ll have at The Colony Group. Download our brochure below. We look forward to hearing from you.