Colony Group Advisors Take the Boys and Girls Club Teens on a Financial Journey

Last week, our Colony Group colleagues, Jonathan Lustig and Jim Johnston, joined the Boys and Girls Club of Medford and Somerville, MA, for an interactive educational session with their Junior Staff: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Club Professionals Today. While talking about taxes and budgets might not be the most captivating topic for teens, our colleagues did a fantastic job engaging the attention and interest of these 13- to-15-year-olds.

Jonathan and Jim prepared resources and real-world examples, taking the teens on an introductory financial journey. They started off by presenting a pay stub sample, explained why and how taxes are withheld from a paycheck, and provided each participant with a sample budget to emphasize the importance of saving money.

For some teens, this was their first time seeing a pay stub, and they had lots of questions including a few about filing taxes and the tax return process. Other teens asked some daring questions about stocks, investing, and believe it or not, Bitcoin!

Our advisors were left touched by this experience. Volunteering and educating these teens made them realize how much they love what they do. Jonathan shared, “No matter how much wealth a person has, in the end, it’s all about education, sharing knowledge and helping people develop specific goals to attain financial freedom.”

Jonathan and Jim received glowing reviews from the teens and the club’s staff. They were asked to return and to continue the financial journey another time.

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