Curated by Colony: Financial Literacy Media Recommendations

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we wanted to share the top financial resources recommended by some of our advisors at The Colony Group. This curated collection offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for basic financial lessons to share with younger family members to help them establish healthy lifelong financial habits, or a unique perspective on some of the most topical financial and economic stories of the day. We hope these resources help to educate and empower anyone interested in building and preserving their wealth.


For younger individuals looking for a foundation to establish healthy financial habits: 


Sheryl A. Rothman, MBA, CFA, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor 

Alexander I. Hock, JD/MBA, CFA, Senior Wealth Advisor

Kittye Tilford, CFP®, MBA, Wealth Advisor 

  • “For children, I recommend The Secret Millionaires Club which offers practical financial lessons for children in a fun and engaging format.” 


For a unique perspective to keep you informed on current business and financial topics: 


Christine A. Crigler, CFP® CPWA®, Wealth Advisor 

  • “I recommend the podcast The Indicator by Planet Money. It’s a daily podcast that’s under 15 minutes long and goes through numbers from that day or that year, explaining why each indicator is important. It also provides a unique perspective on many newsworthy business and economic stories of the day, from thoughts on replacing Boeing’s CEO to unionizing college sports and the impact of climate change on US ski resorts.” 

Kittye Tilford, CFP®, MBA, Wealth Advisor 

  • is my favorite personal finance resource. Clark Howard’s YouTube videos offer practical financial advice to everyone from novice to expert. He talks about ways to save money, spend less, and avoid scams. He is engaging and transparent. I also like his weekly “Clark Stinks” segment where he addresses viewer/listener complaints regarding advice he has given. Sometimes he admits he was wrong and other times he backs up his advice. Most of all, I appreciate his desire to help consumers in a positive, often humorous manner.” 

Giancarlo Plati, Retirement Plan Advisor 

  • “My favorite personal finance newsletter is The Investor’s Newsletter, published every Sunday by Rob Berger. He shares the most topical financial news and articles from the previous week – I look forward to it every Sunday! If you enjoy the newsletter, Rob also has a YouTube channel where he posts a lot of fantastic personal finance content.” 

Lauren Ledger, MBA, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor 

  • I love Planet Money as it breaks down complicated financial and economic concepts in an entertaining and accessible way.” 

JonPaul McBride, CFP®, Wealth Advisor

  • “I recommend The Animal Spirits Podcast: this twice weekly, irreverent discussion of the biggest stories in investing helps demystify financial topics. The hosts, Ben and Matt bring different perspectives on the market and their playful banter makes a sometimes dry topic engaging.”