Life Enrichment Services

Get Ready for the Future of Advice

The Colony Group launched a novel life-enrichment platform to complement and enhance our core wealth and business management platforms.  We are offering our clients an entirely new type and level of service focused not only on meeting their broad needs but also on enriching the very quality of their lives.  We’re calling our new platform “Curated by Colony,” which we assembled to be a powerful collection of fully vetted, meticulously selected third-party experts who, through our platform, will offer our clients services in the following areas, among others:

  • Wellness – including concierge medicine and nutrition and meditation coaching
  • Security – including cybersecurity and identity protection and remediation
  • Learning – including executive and leadership coaching and college test preparation and admissions consulting
  • Lifestyle – including travel and entertainment concierge services

This was not a random exercise for us.  We have been working on it for over two years, and it was directly responsive to our client surveys and extensive third-party research.  In fact, it is part of our strategic plan, as we believe that we must constantly innovate and evolve to achieve our mission of providing clients with peace of mind and empowering their visions of tomorrow.  We aren’t receiving any additional fees from this platform.  We created it because we think it’s an essential extension and evolution of our holistic client offering – and because we think it’s the future.

Of course, as a financial advisory firm, we know that we must remain focused on what we do best—providing financial advice.  We simply believe that our continued focus on financial advice does not excuse us from ignoring the growing preferences of clients for something more – for life enrichment along with financial enrichment.  Clients want financial strength and security, and that’s why they hire us, but they also want overall peace of mind and a strong sense of fulfillment in their lives.  We want to make sure that they have these things too.

That’s where Curated by Colony comes in.  We’ll continue to focus on providing financial advice, while our carefully selected life-enrichment experts will serve at our sides, focusing on providing complementary advice and services designed to ensure an entirely new and differentiated client experience.  Starting now, “holistic advice” will no longer be limited to holistic financial advice.  It will instead become truly holistic advice!