Executives have a spirit that takes them many places.

Your talent, drive and experience have built your reputation as an architect of strong, successful businesses. Your poise and prowess have helped you navigate the demands of private firms, venture startups and successful publicly traded companies. That entrepreneurial spirit is the catalyst for building your wealth.

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Early Success

Chris always craved the potential a small, private startup company could offer. He had mutual interest from a few firms and was negotiating incentive packages. Could they match his current compensation package? Should he accept stock options or restricted stock? He needed a team with the insight to help him best plan for today and the future.

Business Growth & Acquisition

Chris’ new firm was on the cusp of their IPO. This was his opportunity to realize the paper wealth that had accumulated over the years. He needed to understand the financial issues that come when transitioning from being an executive at a private company to a public company. What tax ramifications and trading issues did he need to consider? He needed a trading plan to help him turn paper wealth into liquid wealth.
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Exiting The Business with Confidence

Chris’ team helped him navigate the IPO and the sale of his company equity. His team was now helping Chris to manage his assets. They were also helping him to re-examine his entire financial situation and the issues that come with a significant wealth increase, from tax planning to wealth transfer strategies to charitable giving. Now that he had a solid financial foundation, he was ready to move on to a new adventure. His financial team was ready to go with him.

A New Start

Chris joined a venture capital firm, a challenge and an opportunity he had always wanted to pursue. He was excited about the potential for growing his wealth from his portfolio and quickly realized that while he had a steady income, he now had a second source of significant and unpredictable income coming from the firm’s investments.

Maximizing Income & Family Wealth

He was grateful his team has strong tax planning abilities to keep him tax compliant and avoid surprises come tax season. Chris’ team was considering wealth transfer strategies and helping him continue meeting his charitable goals. His children had grown fast and his team was now helping them to understand their work benefits and how Chris and his wife could help them financially.
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Whether you are a C-suite executive of a Fortune 500 company, a founder of a start-up or venture capital partner, or the leader of a closely-held business, we can help you plot a course through both career and life transitions.

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Family & Legacy

You’ve built your wealth to match your family values. Our family and legacy planning team prioritizes your values as we grow your wealth.

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