• Episode 17
  • October 1, 2021

The Unsinkable Mary Margaret Revell

The extraordinary Mary Margaret, now in her 80s, defied all expectations and challenges that life threw her way. At a young age, she contracted polio, and to overcome the resulting immobility in one of her legs–she swam for hours every day. Moreover, through this practice, she discovered her love for swimming and learned an important lesson — that anything is possible. Mary Margaret went on to break 8 world ocean swimming records — she swam across the Strait of Gibraltar, the Sea of Galilee, and Straits of Mackinac, and others — and quickly became a pioneer in women’s sports.  On top of that, she has run the length of Japan and the Himalayas. While her athletic career is worthy of the history books, Mary Margaret worked for the Pentagon, wrote several children’s books, made documentaries for the BBC, and much more. Her life story is like a movie where the heroine repeatedly breaks the glass ceiling and relentlessly pursues her dreams. Make sure you don’t miss her advice on life as she shares what shaped who she is.

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