From concept to creation, retirement plans just got easier.

Optimizing a retirement plan for employees is one of the ultimate goals of any employer, but it requires thoughtful planning and a commitment to fiduciary excellence, deep investment knowledge, and a trusted partner network to help simplify your retirement plans and improve participant outcomes.

Designing for, not around, your organization.

Whether structuring a menu of defined contribution investment options or developing a strategy for defined benefit plans, our retirement plan specialists work with companies, business owners and non-profit organizations to design, implement and manage a retirement plan to meet your organization’s needs.

Plan Optimization

Deep bench of investment specialists working for you and your employees

The Colony Group’s extensive investment management team has decades of experience dedicated to research, analysis, and portfolio management.  We integrate leading industry expertise with our extensive analysis and due diligence to determine the best allocation and manager line-up for your plan. The result is a customized, well-defined menu of investment options specifically designed to support your priorities.

Demonstrated Fiduciary Excellence

The Colony Group is one of 140 firms worldwide to achieve Investment Advisor Certification by CEFEX. 

It’s not enough to say that we are fiduciaries. Our investment management process has been certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) for the past 10 years.

All-encompassing Analysis

Focusing on fee transparency.

Fee transparency is one of the ways you can demonstrate your commitment to your fiduciary responsibility. Our analysis considers all of the fees to arrive at a plan that is cost-effective while providing the expertise you require. We help you understand the fees and clearly communicate them to your employees.

Explore Pam’s Story.

As a community foundation executive director, Pam needed a caring partner and power resources to help her board invest and manage their funds to sustain their mission for years to come.          Read more.

Retirement Plan Insights

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