The Colony Group Releases Second Edition of Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Updated edition expands on key considerations for executives and entrepreneurs, including business-transition planning, concentrated holdings, and ESG strategies

The Colony Group, a national wealth and business management company, today announced the release of the second edition of Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs, published by Palgrave Macmillan. The updated book offers financial insights and practical strategies to corporate executives and business owners, addressing their unique needs and circumstances. In addition to offering extensive updates since the first edition, the second edition features expanded guidance on business ownership and transition planning, as well as ESG investing. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and other outlets.

“We have been advising corporate executives and business owners for decades, and it was through our engagement with clients that we realized there weren’t enough thoughtful resources available to address the complex and specific financial planning needs of executives and entrepreneurs,” said Michael Nathanson, CEO of The Colony Group. “Through Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs, we sought to leverage our combined experience and expertise to tell a compelling story – one that takes a complicated subject, breaks it down, and provides readers with easy-to-understand concepts on how to achieve their financial goals and ultimately, peace of mind.”

Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs shares the “five pillars of peace of mind” through the lens of a fictional couple, David and Abby, as they experience the consequences of their poor financial choices. The book examines the outcomes of their decisions and offers a practical discussion of key points and solutions, highlighting the value of well-structured, specific financial guidance and goals-based planning.

Financial lessons and learnings added to the second edition include:

  • Business-transition planning: Breakthrough insights on business-transition planning from the perspective of Abby, a business owner, and her journey to sell her business. The book explores how a lack of planning and previous financial mistakes could prevent a business owner from maximizing the value of their business and reinforces the importance of a long-term, thoughtful, and proven process to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Manage concentrated holdings: Planning strategies for those with highly concentrated positions seeking to transition from wealth-generating concentrated equity holdings to a more diversified portfolio that can help protect a lifestyle while mitigating the tax burden.
  • ESG strategies: Guidance for those considering how best to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their portfolios as sustainable investing strategies gain in popularity.

“To achieve financial peace of mind, we have identified five core needs and fundamental objectives for executives and entrepreneurs to keep in mind as they navigate complex financial decisions,” said Jennifer Geoghegan, Chief of Staff and Strategy of The Colony Group. “Maximize the rewards of working as an executive, achieve financial independence, plan for and minimize taxes, plan for others, and manage risk. Focusing on these five interrelated goals and finding balance as you construct a financial plan are essential to executives and entrepreneurs in achieving financial peace of mind,” added Nathanson.

Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs was first released by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018. The second edition is co-authored by Nathanson and members of The Colony Group’s team of wealth advisors, financial planners, and investment professionals, including Jeffrey Craig, Jennifer Geoghegan, Nadine Gordon Lee, Michael Haber, Max Haspel, Seth Hieken, Matt Ilteris, Scott McDonald, Joseph Salvati, and Stephen Stelljes. For more information on Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs and The Colony Group’s services for executives and entrepreneurs, please visit: