To 2030 and Beyond: Sustainable Investing Megatrends – Webinar Recording

The trend to invest in sustainable strategies has increased rapidly, resulting in more than $17 trillion in these assets at end of 2020, a 42% increase from 2018 according to USSIF. As more investors align some or all of their portfolios with their values and priorities shift to improve long-term outcomes for our environment, communities, and world, four distinct megatrends are at the forefront to shape the future of sustainable investing.

In this webinar we discussed these sustainable megatrends and the potential opportunities to invest in them now:

  1. Resource Efficiency: “Doing More with Less”
  2. The Energy Transition: “The Race to Net Zero”
  3. The Future of Food: “Responsible Consumption, Sustainable Production”
  4. Sustainable Cities & Communities: “Urbanization and the Need for Green”

Webinar slides are available here.