Jeannette McCain

Manager, Business Management

Los Angeles, CA | Calabasas, CA

Business Management for Entertainers
Tour Accounting, Royalties & Publishing


Business Owners

Jeannette McCain is a Manager in The Colony Group’s Business Management Department. She primarily manages music clientele across multiple genres including Rap, Pop, Soul, & EDM. Her experience and knowledge in music business management and performance has enabled her to connect with talent creatively as well as effectively manage their business needs. Jeannette has managed the majority of her clients for over ten years and is honored to contribute to their continued growth and success.

Jeannette graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a Bachelor of Music in Music Business & Management. In 2009, she relocated to Los Angeles, CA and completed an internship in the music department at a major film studio. She has worked at several companies in the Los Angeles area in her current role, including 3 years as an Account Manager at Glass Malek, LLP prior to their merger with The Colony Group.

Outside of the office, Jeannette enjoys spending time with her family. She lives close to the beach with her husband Mark and their dog Pepita and enjoys running, cooking, and playing the piano.