Marshall G. Rowe

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Marshall has over 30 years’ experience advising clients, developing portfolio strategies, and analyzing investment opportunities, which he brought to his role as President, Business Owner Services & Managing Director, Northern New England, at The Colony Group before his retirement in 2023. He has authored numerous articles and spoke on asset allocation strategy, risk management, and private foundation portfolio design.

Marshall was also the founder of Harvest Capital Management prior to merging with The Colony Group in 2019. Previously, he was a principal of Taylor Investments, Inc. and had also served with the venture capital and investment banking firm Hambrecht & Quist and Merrill Lynch.

Published Insights

Futurecast New Hampshire 2022

Previously published in Business New Hampshire Magazine. We believe that New Hampshire investors are facing a turbulent future. The pandemic led to severe economic dislocations that were addressed by...

Invest Like Buffett

Warren Buffett is renowned for his long-term, strategic approach to investing, which has driven decades of strong compounded returns for him and his investors. One of his more memorable quips was that his favorite holding period is “forever.” While...

M&A: How To Make For Your Exit

Business owners – the key to maximizing the value of your business and preparing for an exit is to align the Three Clocks: Industry, Business, and Personal & Financial. Marshall Rowe tells what these mean to the Chief Executive Group.


Watch this webinar to learn how to transform HiTech's operations from a successful small business to a scalable, sustainable, and more profitable company.

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Rich Americans Are Protecting Their Fortunes From a Possible Biden Win

Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts, or “SLATs,” is a popular option for those interested in transferring wealth out of their estate, while allowing a wife or husband access to the money, says Marshall Rowe in Bloomberg News.

Family & Closely-Held Business Transition Planning

This white paper examines the process of transitioning the ownership and management of a family or closely-held business. It discusses pre-transition planning, considers the challenges of intergenerational ownership transfers versus third-party sales, and proposes a framework for meeting family and business goals throughout the...

Dreams Deferred?

The pandemic changed the world and the retirement plans of many Boomers. Marshall Rowe, President, Business Owner Services & Managing Director, Northern New England, shares his advice to help retirees adjust their plans and align them with their new reality.

Sustainable Investing: Why is Doing Good For Society Also Good for Investors?

In this webinar, our advisors, Brian Presti and Marshall Rowe review how the role of a corporation is being re-defined, why corporate responsibility has moved from “nice to have”...

How to Successfully Transition a Family-Owned Business, According to The Colony Group

“The sale of the business is not the end but, in fact, a beginning.” Marshall Rowe, James Fitts, and John Weeks celebrated the release of their new book with Worth Media's Juliet Scott-Croxford as they discussed how to successfully transition a family-owned business.

Financial strategies to deploy in tough times

In some ways, this recession is different than those in the past because it was not initially driven by fundamental problems in the economy, says Marshall Rowe, President, Business Owners Services at The Colony Group. Regardless of what’s driving the recession, the best course for most businesses is to keep a focus on maintaining their capital. “Cash is king,” Rowe says. “You want to think about how you can conserve cash, so managing your inventory, reducing your orders, managing cash that way is really crucial.”