Five Best Practices for Your Online Presence- Web Safety Image

Five Best Practices for Your Online Presence

1. Be skeptical of everything when it comes to your information

  • Don’t give anyone any information on an inbound call
  • Don’t assume that the person on the end of the phone/email is them
  • Email is convenient, but always call back the company/person on a phone number that you know or can look up online

2. Hover over links before clicking on them.

3. Don’t enter in your email user credentials to access any documents from someone else.

4. Take your time. Do not react to a manufactured sense of urgency.

  • Common scams right now are warranties, computer infections, friends/family in trouble
  • Some use AI voice generation to even sound like someone else
  • Call them back at a number you know

5. Always use a password manager. Have complex, unique, and long passwords for each individual login. Never use the same password for two different sites. That way it if is ever compromised, you don’t expose other accounts.

Five Best Practices for Your Online Presence